Friends Make Brands

Friends Make Brands:
a very personal selection of creative and entrepreneurial work by my own – you guessed it – friends, colleagues and collaborators, and a not-so-objective look into Poland’s thriving creative scene. More to follow.

Blürb Studio
photo by Mateusz Wojnar

Krakow-based design studio oriented towards creating and implementing intricate branding strategies.

Hygge Blog
by Aleksandra Koperda / photo by Ład Studio

Established in 2017 to show inspiring interiors created by interesting people.

Marta Harner
photo by Bartek Wieczorek

Fashion stylist, art director and dress code expert based in Warsaw.

Bulletproof Warsaw

Management & creative services agency based in Warsaw, Poland

by Alexander Zakharov, Zuza Gasior / photo by Bartek Wieczorek

Sopot-based multidisciplinary design studio, running a magazine, sustainable online store and clothing brand.

Maria Jeglinska
photo by Robert Świerczyński

Designer and researcher specialized in industrial design, exhibition design, curation and creative direction.

Kasia Mochi

Kasia loves ink, markers, watercolors, pencils, styluses and brushes and her works are mostly made entirely by hand.

Grupa Projektor
by Joanna Jopkiewicz, Paweł Borkowski

Wrocław-based design collective specialized in publishing design and typography.

by Gosia Płysa, Mat Schulz

Influential around the world, the festival has developed a reputation for identifying innovative scenes and radical sounds.

Zwykłe Życie
by Marta Mach, Agata Napiórska / cover photo by Bartek Wieczorek

Magazine about simple life among people, places and things.

Pat Guzik
by Pat Guzik, Mateusz Kołek

Mix of streetwear and high fashion in accordance of sustainable rules.

by Julia Turewicz, Jan Stasz

Poland’s leading sustainable fashion brand – timeless designs manufactured with a sense of conscience.

Jan Barba
by Marta Grzebisz, Bartek Puzio

The brand is a way to shape a world in which we want to live – caring for other people and ecology.

by Marianna Grzywaczewska / photo by Piotr Czyż

Selected clothes and items by the most talented Polish designers and artists.

Autor Rooms
photo by PION Studio

Boutique hospitality concept founded by Mamastudio, decorated strictly with Polish design, furniture and art.

Julia Mirny

Painter, illustrator and designer, whose artwork is famously rich in cut-outs, brush strokes and hand-drawn typography.


Designer specializing in press design, typography and illustration, co-founder of Asocciation of Polish Graphic Designers.

Las Vegans
by Fermented Girls / design by Maciej Ochęcki

The best vegan kimchi made with love by life and musical partners.

by Olga Drenda

Writer, translator, anthropologist, exploring the unusual and the vernacular, on and offline.

Magdalena Pankiewicz

Freelance illustrator, based in Warsaw, Poland, specialized in fashion and editorial.

Paweł Starzec

Photographer, sociologist, educator and journalist, who works on photographic documents.

ONTO Studio
by Kaja Nosal, Anna Wręga / photo by Max Zieliński

Design studio with a logical approach to projects, combined with intuition.

Karolina Galla

Graphic designer and illustrator based somewhere between Poland and Brasil.

Lazy Beaches
by Eliza Dunajska

Handmade, 100% linen summer essentials to bring your beach experience to the next level.

Hotel Essentials
by Autor Rooms / photo by PION Studio

Boutique souvenirs from Warsaw by Autor Rooms and best Polish designers.

Zuzanna Rogatty

Polish designer, currently working at Collins, previously at Pentagram. Also, my favourite New Yorker.

Iza Kućmierowska
photo by Bartek Wieczorek

Make-up artist based in Warsaw, currently represented by DAS Agency.

The Dunajska

Do you remember Wolf from Pulp Fiction? From design and Vidorra through production and getting things done.

Mirella von Chrupek

Designer and sculptor, specialized in creating „mini-worlds” and Warsaw’s most beautiful shopwindow displays.

Malwina Konopacka
photo by Kasia Bielska

Warsaw-based illustrator, graphic artist and designer, author of world-renowned ceramics.

Bolesław Chromry

Illustrator, author, painter, graphic artist, copywriter, poster and cover designer. Apparently, he hates me.

by Elena and Janek Lewczuk

Warsaw-made classic jewelry with minimalistic contemporary design.

by Mamastudio, Agnieszka Kowalska / cover by Zuza Rogatty, Jakub Jezierski / photo by PION Studio

A comprehensive guide to contemporary Warsaw.

Justyna Stasik

Polish illustrator based in Montreal, Canada.

Pola Zag

Handmade jewelry created from a passion for detail, form, shapes, and joy of life.

PION Studio
by Basia Kuligowska, Przemysław Nieciecki

Full photography services for brands, designers, furniture manufacturers, creative studios and agencies. Photography with door to door shipping option.


Krakow-based printing and letterpress studio with awesome design division.

Aga Bilska

Lifestyle photographer, Warsaw based, catching new places, creative people, street style and city vibes.

Cosmic Pantry
by Aleksandra Dębska

Unique blends of adaptogens that will turn your kitchen into a magical workshop.

Maciej Ochęcki

Branding, art direction, multimedia/interactive installations, museum & exhibition design.

by Agata Nowotny, Grynasz Studio / photo by Krzysztof Pacholak

From materials to products: design field trips & exhibition. Curated by Agata and designed by Marta and Dawid.

Studio Otwarte

Branding studio for those with long history and those that are just being born.

Max Zieliński

Advertising, portrait and still life photographer from Warsaw.

Martyna Wyrzykowska

Graphic designer based in Warsaw, focused mostly on research and visual storytelling.

Friends Make Brands is a personal pick of Polish creatives, selected by Emilia Obrzut, brand curator and strategist. I had a pleasure to work with the majority of the aforementioned, and many became my friends along the way. Being an entrepreneur myself, I know how important it is to cheer on your fellow makers and give them space to shine – so hereby I do it as a professional, and a friend.

Enjoy discovering the creative forces behind Poland’s coolest gigs, and if you have any questions, drop me a line.